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Updated: Aug 16, 2019

One day, in Jerusalem while sitting and having lunch at Rina and Alice restaurant, ( not to be confused with Alice's restaurant of Arlo Guthrie fame) I had a thought. "Treat it kindly, it's in a strange place" David always advises. This in keeping with his knowledge that my brain is not what it once was... if ever.

First, a little about Rina and Alice who, according to Trip Advisor, run one of the 'hot spots' of culinary delight in Jerusalem.

(left) Susan poised to dig into some of their heavenly salad with the "secret" spice sumac that complements the taste of tomatoes( center) The Rina and Alice sign and (right) Rina ( or is it Alice?) - "You want to take a picture of ME?" .

It was rarely busy when we were there for our daily lunches which is why there was time to have conversations with the locals about the wonderful food which is made with locally fresh ingredients. Rina and Alice restaurant is among the best restaurants I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

British Zionist Sir Moses Montifiore 1784-1885


Incidentally, Moses Montefiore was a British Zionist banker. I mention Montifiore only because of the settlement in his name in a beautiful park about a block from our apartment at King David and Jabotinsky and right near our fave Rina and Alice Restaurant as well.

His first visit to pre-State Israel had a profound religious effect on him, and from then until the end of his life, he became strictly observant. His early activities on behalf of the Jews living in Palestine included a plan to acquire land to help Jews become self-sufficient, as well as attempting to bring industry to the country He inspired the founding of several agricultural settlements as well as Yemin Moshe outside of Jerusalem's Old City which was named after him.

(top left) The community founded by Montifiore ( top right) the windmill which was part of Montifiore's industrial development plan. The Windmill was never used and was blown up by the British ( Lower left) in 1948 war for Israel's independence. (bottom right) Montifiore's carriage in a small museum installation in the adjacent windmill park.


Orange soup was on the menu this day which was one of many "Rina and Alice" experiences during our week in Jerusalem preparing for our journey into Zionism.

" What is orange soup?", I queried. "Is it Zionist?", being quite doubtful of the idea and fully expecting to hear a local tale of the now famous Jaffa oranges and the kibbutz movement of the 1800s mingled with who knows what herb. "It is a soup made with orange vegetables," offered our waitress in coherent English. Okay, OKAY, I'll have some of that... two spoons." And I figured if, on the outside chance I didn't like orange soup, David's spoon could take care of whatever I didn't eat ... the excess, so to speak. Well, never mind. David got the better part of a taste, but the orange soup was simply too delicious to share.

We were in Jerusalem in March so the orange vegetables might differ if you are visiting say in October. But, trust me, orange soup is Deeeeelicious! I looked up the recipe for Zionist orange soup just the other day to make for our Shabbat study group luncheon. Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, orange lentils ( oh my, I have some of those!), onion, coconut milk and a dash of ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and nutmeg. It is scrumptious enough to turn you into a "culinary" Zionist. And I am not kidding.

By Susan Warner for Ezekiel's Junction June 2019

Pictures by David and Susan Warner

Montifiore portrait and assorted windmill pictures from online and Israel tourism sources.

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