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In Defense of Christian Zionism

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Me a Christian Zionist hiking in Zion

There are a lot of Christians intent on giving the idea of "Christian Zionism" a bad rap. The most vocal ones who are adherents of Reformed Theology (Cavinism) say, "Christian Zionism is one element of a false theology called Dispensationalism." The Dispensationalists on the other side claim that the Calvinists don’t know what they are talking about. What it seems to boil down to is the pot calling the kettle black, i.e. name calling for the sake of advancing ones own political or theological agenda-- The Calvinist camp and the Dispensational camp each with their own man-made theologies. It sells books and keeps seminaries in business. It keeps the economic wheels of religion turning. For the record, this author is not a devotee of either or any theology.

Christian Zionism is not complex idea really. For the sake of simplicity, we can divide the idea of Zionism into two parts: 1) Its ancient application originates in the Zion of the Bible and is connected to God's promise to his people to return His chosen people to their homeland. 2) Its modern application is connected to a national homeland movement attributed to Theodore Herzel in the late 1800's. I will give a fuller explanation below.

Today, name calling has become a national pastime and something of a fine art. In the absence of a legitimate argument, the default narrative is to call the enemy du jour by a nasty name. "Zionism" seems to be one of today's enemies du jour. In the world of popular journalism, the word “Zionism” has been referred to with some unfortunate descriptors: racism, imperialism, colonialism, apartheid.

In the camps of the most extreme anti-Zionists who park on both ends of the political spectrum— the political Left and the political Right, the name calling can get downright unpleasant -- accusers haul out antisemitic slogans from eons past to accomplish their goal of demonizing Zion qua Israel by which they infer Jews, Israel and friends of same. When anti-Zionists are in a good mood, they simply mask their invective with a polite spin—but their intentions are hardly in doubt.[i]

For example, Jewish Voice for Peace[ii], an anti-Zionist extremist Left Jewish group whose main purpose is to defend the Palestinian nationalist cause, states this on their web site:

"Jewish Voice for Peace is guided by a vision of justice, equality and freedom for all people. We unequivocally oppose Zionism because it is counter to those ideals ... While it had many strains historically, the Zionism that took hold and stands today is a settler-colonial movement, establishing an apartheid state where Jews have more rights than others. Our own ( American) history teaches us how dangerous this can be. "

On the extreme Right side of the Left/ Right spectrum of name calling is the White Nationalism / New Nazi variety whose antisemitism has a similar flavor to that of Europe before and during World War II. This is a quote from a sermon of one of their number, Lt. Col Gordon Jack Mohr.[iii] This sounds like an excerpt from that classic 1890's Russian antisemitic book Protocols of the Elders of Zion[iv]

" We hear a great deal these days about 'Anti-Semitism.' It has become a watchword in the vocabulary of the Zionists and their 'stooges' in Judeo-Christianity."
" Where do evil men, anti-Christ's if you will, get the power to persecute good people? It comes through their control of the economy of a country, through the Babylonian system of usury which is condemned through the Bible. In 1913, a banking system was introduced through fraud to the American people, which has been an albatross around our necks ever since. It was the product of International Zionist Jewry and was called the Federal Reserve System. Even the name itself was designed to defraud the people, since it is no part of the Government, but is made up of eight privately owned banks, most alien who control our economy and thus our nation. It might more properly be called the International Bank of Jewry...."
" It should be noted that the foundations of the Federal Reserve System were set up by International Jewish bankers such as the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the House of Morgan, Goldman Sacks, Kuehn Loeb and Company and Lehman Brothers " ...
" But when the Jewish Internationalists got their 'hooks' into our economy and began to push their age old idea of the NEW WORLD ORDER, we began our long and painful slide to economic destruction, while the only ones who benefit from it, are the International Jewish bankers who control our economy."

To recap; the spectrum of anti-Zionism lingo-- on the extreme Left is a narrative couched in peace and justice for Palestinians which is being prevented by evil Zionists; On the extreme Right, they say, "the Zionists are taking over the world through ownership of banks, media and other world systems."

As a Christian Zionist, my position is simply this; Zionism is a Biblical principle and God is a Zionist. Those of us who take this position are under assault from both the Left and the Right.

Let me explain.


GOD IS A ZIONIST In order to understand the essence of the term ZIONISM we need to start with its origins in the Bible. Whether or not you think that the Bible is truly the “word of God,” as its adherents claim, is not so important. What is important is that in that ancient text, God declares his love and intentions for Zion and the Jewish (Hebrew) people.

In some basic way, we must start the journey there. The Bible is also a credible source for much of ancient history and is also the only source for defining and describing the origins of the Hebrew/ Jewish people. As a historic document, the Bible introduces the Jewish people beginning with the story of Abraham in Genesis Chapter 12 and continuing through the end of Exodus.

Abraham and Isaac (public domain)

Even more to the point, the Bible describes a day (time) when all of Israel (Jewish people) who have been dispersed in and around the world will be gathered back into the “promised land”(Zion). Zion is the land. It was originally given to the Jewish people in the Book of Genesis where God makes an “eternal covenant” (contract) with Abraham and designates him as the Father of “many nations.” A specially chosen people group from Abraham’s seed (Hebrews Israelites/Jews) are to be the carriers of God’s special “covenant promise”.

Jacob wrestles with an angel and God changes his name to Israel (public domain)

Further, the Bible text tells us exactly how God reinforces this covenant, with Abraham’s son Isaac and then again with Isaac's son Jacob (whose name later is changed by God to Israel) The bible narrative is quite clear on certain themes: Israel (also called Jacob) is the grandson of Isaac and the inheritor of the “Covenant Promise.” Israel is the nation that comes from this grandson. And Israel is also the specified land which is promised part of the inheritance.

Through the Bible texts, God makes it quite clear that if/ when Israel is dispersed into strange nations around the world, He promises “in the end of days,” He will regather them to resettle the land once again, and they will renew their faithfulness to God and he will bless the land.

For those who are faithful Jews and for their various friends, today appears to be the time of return referred to in those Bible stories. We can see evidence that Jews from all over the world and from every continent are being gathered and brought back to their ancient homeland ( Zion).[v]


No special papers, initiation rites or membership dues are required to become a Biblical “Christian Zionist” (Optional: I am designing a button to wear. If you are interested, contact me a— All that is required is to read and agree with the plain meaning of the Bible texts (Genesis 12 and on) in which God chooses the Hebrews (Jewish people) to be his seed of promise through his "eternal covenant" with Abraham's "seed" starting with his sons Isaac and Jacob. A specifically described tract of land (Zion/ Israel/ promised land) becomes theirs along with many offspring and a unique relationship with the Creator. The assignment they are given is to tell God's story to the other nations (goyim). The promises to Abraham’s future generations who inherit the covenant of promise are reiterated hundreds of times in detail throughout the TENACH (Hebrew scriptures).


The Bible describes three major dispersions/scatterings of Hebrews/ Israel in History:

1. The first is the dispersion of the Northern Kingdom of ISRAEL after Solomon’s temple is destroyed by the Assyrians in 722 BCE. The ten tribes of that Northern Kingdom of Israel were dispersed and (until today) became “lost” or “absorbed” into various nations. Hence the popular references to the “Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.” Currently some of those “lost” tribes are being “found” from far off places like Afghanistan, India and China and being slowly restored to the land through efforts like Shavei Israel and Michael Freund.

2. The second great dispersion was when the Southern Kingdom of Judah was destroyed by the Babylonians in 598-582 BCE . The two remaining tribes of Benjamin and Judah exiled them to Babylon. That dispersion was prophesied to last for seventy years. When those seventy years were over, Cyrus ( the then king of Persia) released the Jews from captivity to return to their Land. He gave them all of the resources they would need to rebuild their Temple and to reestablish or renew their obedience to their Torah. That temple was rebuilt in several stages and finally completed by King Herod just before the time of Jesus. Scholars call this the second temple period ( 516 BCE - 70CE).

3. The third great dispersion was after the destruction of the Second ( Herod's) Temple in 70 CE and the final destruction of Jerusalem and expulsion of the Jews by the Romans in 135 CE.

By the time of Hitler and the Holocaust 1800 year later, in the 1930s and 1940s, Jews had been dispersed and driven from here to there -- to cities and towns all over the world and were now concentrated largely in throughout Europe and Russia, the Middle East and North Africa, with many remaining from the Middle Ages in Spain, Italy and France as well as in Latin America, United States and Canada. There was always a remnant living in Jerusalem and larger Israel ( called by different names in different centuries depending on which empires or marauding tribes occupied the land), scraping a meager living from the soil.

Those centuries of dispersion from roughly 722 BCE and the destruction of the first Temple, until 1948 CE when Israel once again became a sovereign nation in its own native land, the Jews maintained their Zionist mind-set by living and worshiping together in their small mostly self-contained communities throughout the Diaspora (Dispersion). Their worship in synagogues throughout the ages and throughout the world, their yearning for a return to Zion, was never far from their lips. It was written in the Torah, it was written in the prayer books, it was written in their Passover Hagaddahs. Somehow their Zionist memory and yearnings were kept alive in the one phrase repeated over and over whenever they assembled together, “Next Year in Jerusalem.



"Zionism is the Jewish national movement of self-determination in the land of Israel — the historical birthplace and biblical homeland of the Jewish people.

While there was a continuous Jewish presence in the land of Israel over the millennia, the yearning to return to Zion, the biblical term for both the Land of Israel and Jerusalem, has been the cornerstone of Jewish life since the exile from the land two thousand years ago, and is embedded in Jewish prayer, ritual, literature and culture.

Modern Zionism emerged in the late 19th century in response to the violent persecution of Jews in Eastern Europe and widespread societal anti-Semitism. Modern Zionism fused the ancient Jewish biblical and historical ties to the ancestral homeland with the modern concept of nationalism into a vision of establishing a modern Jewish state in the land of Israel.

The “father” of modern Zionism, Austrian journalist Theodor Herzl, consolidated various strands of Zionist thought into an organized national movement, advocating for international recognition of a “Jewish state” and encouraging Jewish immigration to build the land." (vi)

Today, Herzl is remembered principally for what scholars term "political Zionism”–a term coined by his principal detractor, Ahad Ha’am, as a term of derision. Herzl realized that the rapid rise of anti-Semitism in France, Germany, Austria and Russia was leading to a catastrophic persecution of the Jews, and saving Jewish lives was a principal motive behind his efforts to establish a territory under Jewish legal and military control that could serve as a place of refuge. (vii)

"From inception, Zionism advocated tangible as well as spiritual aims. Jews of all persuasions - left, right, religious and secular - formed the Zionist movement and worked together toward its goals.

Disagreements in philosophy led to rifts in the Zionist movement over the years, and a number of separate forms emerged. (viii) Notably: Political Zionism; Religious Zionism; Socialist Zionism and Territorial Zionism.”

A discussion of modern Zionism, however, is incomplete without what I believe is the essential reference to the original Biblical Zionism. The term Zion is inherently and originally an ancient biblical idea and refers to Jerusalem or to The City of David and sometimes to all of the land of Israel. According to the Biblical narrative, Zion is the center of God’s plans for redemption and judgement of the entire world, both Jew and Gentile according to the Bible texts. There are over 150 places in the Bible that refer to Zion. God stated His intention to return his people from their dispersion around the globe back to Zion where they will live a life of peace and fruitfulness. Many scholars and theologians, both Jewish and Christian, agree that the current return of Jews from far flung places like Ethiopia, China, India and South America as sign of what is referred to in the Bible as the “end of days.”


Since before Herzel proposed the new Zionist project in 1896, there have been forces battling against the idea[x] of a Jewish homeland. The reasons range from religious to political; some thought the idea of a Jewish homeland would encourage Jews to divide their national loyalties between two homelands, and some thought that the restoration of Israel should not come until the Messiah comes.

In the wake of the second World War and loss of two-thirds of Europe's Jews, Zion was officially reborn (1945) as Israel, and the idea of a sovereign Jewish state was made real after more than two thousand years. However, Zion's enemies became ever more vocal as well. The Arabs nations continued to align universally against Zion as did most Western “Christian” nations which spoke with forked tongues as they preached boldly against antisemitism while simultaneously pursuing the politics and economics of Arab oil.

In the 1960s, at the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union discovered Yasser Arafat, born of middle-class parents in Egypt. The Soviets designated Arafat as the man to fulfill a lifelong dream to complete the job of annihilating the Jews and the nascent Jewish state once and for all. For a young zealot, Arafat saw this as perfect opportunity to build his “Palestinian” nationalist movement with which he would endeavor to topple the Jewish state and the Zionist enterprise. It was Arafat, guided and funded by the Soviet Union who, over the next decades, created the anti-Zionist “Palestinian narrative” we are familiar with today. Arafat and his collaborators in government and media spread the Palestinian “gospel” throughout the West. His training in Vietnam and Romania and the Soviet block nations along with copious amounts of money and propaganda supplied by the Soviets, Arafat became a Soviet front man and a Palestinian messiah. Each used the other for its own purposes— the Soviet’s hoped to gain hegemony over the Middle East and Arafat hoped to realize his Jihadist scheme -- the annihilation of Israel.[xi]

The anti-Zionist narrative, echoing across the world's airways and the tentacles of social media, blaming Israel for the world's ills, are residues from the collusion of Arafat and the Soviet Union. On college campuses, in the United Nations, in the seats of the UK Labor Party, in France and parts of Sweden where Jews fear walking to the grocery store and among the growing voices of Islamic Jihad, the beat goes on.


The most frightening trend of the past twenty-five years is the rapid and seemingly unbridled growth of antisemitism on college campuses.[xii] In the hallowed halls of academia, where the legions of the Left reign supreme, the voices against Jews, Israel and Zion are loud and getting louder. Academia is the home where historic enemies have fused in league against Israel. This is a case of very strange bedfellows joining in what I have called, for lack of a more accurate term, a 'Zombie Apocalypse'.

My “Zombie Apocalypse” however, now has a more contemporary moniker in the college dorm — “intersectionality.” Intersectionality is a term coined in the 1960’s[xiii] as a way to describe how the “oppressed” of the world have something in common with each other; something spiritual force that binds them all together — “oppression.” How could we have missed it all these decades? Black slaves have a lot in common with transgenders, Muslims, folks in wheelchairs, women, especially black women, and occasionally orphaned ( brown) racehorses. It is here in the most prestigious universities,

where tuition is in excess of $40,000 per year, the battle against “oppression” reigns supreme: Feminism, Black Power groups, and LGBTQ and other elements of the Leftist "intersectionality" memes are all invited to the same love fests. As they painted the portrait of “oppressed minorities.” someone forgot to include the most oppressed of the oppressed and minority of the minorities— the Jews. Dig just an inch below the surface of the intersectionality narratives, and you will find an antisemitic infrastructure that is silently orchestrating the show [xiv] . Somehow Jews are overlooked as an “oppressed minority.” In fact, Jews are painted as the enemy of oppressed minorities; Jews are rich, and they are white and they represent Israel which is “the ultimate oppressor” of the oppressed Palestinians. Yasser Arafat and the Soviet Union said so, therefore it must be so. In the most extremist “intersectional” camps, Jews are considered “white supremacists.”

In academia, there is no shortage of anti-Zionist teaching. The AMCHA Initiative [xv] has published a list of 200 professors of Middle East Studies programs,(funded in large part by the Saudis) who are anti-Israel/ anti-Zionist in the very design of their curricula. But the AMCHA list is just the tip of the iceberg since much of the anti-Zionist teaching happens in general studies programs where the teachings of anti-Zionist opinion is often a substitute for facts.

Follow the money: Middle East Studies programs, almost always anti-Israel, are frequently funded in part by Saudi Arabia. [xiv]


It is no secret that Christian religious groups are turning apace against Israel along with the rest of the world.[xvii] For 1800 years, Christian thought, theology and practice has been either ambivalent or antagonistic toward Jews, Judaism, Israel and Zionism. The supersessionist (replacement) theology under-girding contemporary Christian antisemitism originates in the writings of the early church fathers as far back as Justin Martyr (c 180) and is continuously reiterated throughout the Middle Ages, the Reformation of Luther and Calvin in the 16th century and into the modern era.

While it's true that many Christian and particularly Catholic intellectuals and theologians did a lot of soul searching during the first few decades after the Holocaust, it wasn’t long before Christian narratives regrouped and double down on their poisonous invective against Jews. It was the 1945 restoration of the land of Israel to its Jewish owners of ancient record that gave Christians a new target ( Israel) at which to take aim. No longer was antisemitism the passe classic form of the Middle Ages, the Reformation and the decades leading to World War II. After the Holocaust, it was no longer politically correct in the West to verbalize antisemitic attitudes. The antisemites eventually transmogrified into their current posture as anti-Israelists and anti-Zionists. Now the assault is focused on the “theology of the land” as a “universal” land no longer God’s gift to the Jews now God’s gift to the “universe”.

The narrative has changed but the intent has not. Just pick up some of the most noteworthy Christian documents published within the past few years. In one such example, the Scottish Presbyterian Church published a “report” in 2013 entitled The Inheritance of Abraham? A report on the “Promised Land”[xviii]. Their unsurprising conclusion after thirteen tortuous pages of proof texts from some of the most virulent antisemitic documents and individuals combined with skewed interpretations of the Bible reads as follows:

“To Christians in the 21st century, promises about the land of Israel shouldn’t be intended to be taken literally, or as applying to a defined geographical territory; they are a way of speaking about how to live under God so that justice and peace reign, the weak and poor are protected, the stranger is included, and all have a share in the community and a contribution to make to it. The ‘promised land’ in the Bible is not a place, so much as a metaphor of how things ought to be among the people of God. This ‘promised land’ can be found – or built – anywhere” (page 9)
“From this examination of the various views in the Bible about the relation of land to the people of God, it may be concluded that Christians should not be supporting any claims by any people to an exclusive or even privileged divine right to possess particular territory. We believe that is a misuse of the Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old Testament) and the New Testament to use it as a topographic guide to settle contemporary conflicts over land. In the Bible, God’s promises extend in hope to all land and people.” (page 11)

Several other well-known Christian theologians have inserted their two cents into this same narrative position. They include: John Stott, John Piper, Gary Burge, Stephen Sizer and many others.


Several pivotal yet dissonant themes marked this post war period in the saga of Christian anti-Zionism/ antisemitism. Here is a loose timeline of events that mark the period:

1950s Pan Arabism/ the political packaging of Arab Antisemitism

1965 Nostre Aetate ( article 4): Vatican II.Setting the stage for what might have been a new day dawning, the Catholic Church (1965) as part of an overhaul of Church practices entitled Vatican II, finally declared after 1800 years that the Jews were not responsible for killing Jesus after all ( Nostre Aetate article 4). The Jewish people were overjoyed. But even with the Catholic push toward understanding Judaism, still the Vatican does not recognize Israel as a nation until 1994 almost 30 years later. (


1970's 80's The Soviets, through the Russian Orthodox Church ( which is virulently antisemitic), infiltrate the World Council of Churches ( Mark Tooley article World Council of Churches: the KGB Connection).

1964--2004 Yasser Arafat partners with Soviets in a disinformation campaign against Israel setting in place the entire anti-Israel narrative of Western thinking which still current forty years later.


1950s - 1960'S -1970'S Birth of "Liberation Theology." Originally founded as a way to use the Catholic church as a social change agent against the extreme poverty of South America, "Liberation Theology" invited the collaboration between the Catholic Church and the Soviets (KGB).

Liberation Theology, as envisioned by its first Theologians, put a new revolutionary spin on the Jesus story. Now, instead of being the messiah of the world( as in Christ), the new narrative remade Jesus as savior of the underclass and oppressed. At first the "oppressed" were represented by the poor landless farmers of South America where the "liberation" idea was one key element in a Soviet expansionist scheme, then the "oppressed" were Blacks in the United States (James Cone), and finally ( in 1964 under Arab nationalist, Yasser Arafat) the "oppressed were the Palestinians" later followed by Palestinian Liberation Theology (Naim Ateek) each defining itself by the narratives in new variations of Liberation Theology.

The Soviets were in their imperialist heyday...working vigorously to take over the world. They had willing collaborators everywhere: in Christian circles, they aligned with the Russian Orthodox Church through which they infiltrated World Council of Churches. In South America they aligned with the Jesuits. The Vatican has had a decades long love/hate relationship with Liberation Theology and its Soviet supporters.

According to Naim Ateek's Palestinian propaganda, Jesus is now "a suffering Palestinian" who stands prisoner and victim at the gate of an Israeli checkpoint.

And it turns out to be a good sell. American and European Christians and their media are buying the entire fabrication lock, stock and barrel. (FOSA)Friends of Sabeel North America is Naim Ateek's baby and the footing for Ateek's scheme to convert all American Evangelicals to their anti-Zionist bias.

"Sabeel works with pro-Palestinian activists within different denominations, such as the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s Israel-Palestine Mission Network, the Episcopal Church’s Palestine Israel Network, the United Methodist Church’s General Board of Global Ministries and United Methodist Kairos Response, the American Friends Service Committee, and many others ( NGO Monitor)." (xix)

In 2001 UN Durban Conference on Racism ( known as Durban I). Delegates convened to consider the topic of world racism. Here at the conference, attendees actually fomented an anti-Israel/ anti-Zionist brawl. This is where anti-Zionist name calling established a real foothold around the world. In spite of the fact that both Israel and the United States eventually withdrew in protest from the conference, it became clear that violent anti-Zionist elements were joining the Soviet/ Arafat narrative. The Christian elements buying into the "Zionism as Racism" fiction includes the World Council of Churches. (xx)

2009 Kairos Palestine Document was written by thirteen Palestinian Christian clergy and calls for boycott, Divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

Many church groups have adopted the document and have joined forces with other anti-Zionist groups. "Kairos Palestine" served notice to the world that Israel and the Zionists were entirely to blame for Palestinian suffering. The Kairos document is heavily promoted by the World Council of Churches and is used as a resource by many Christian Churches and denominations which have adopted the anti-Zionist leitmotifs for their anti-Israel activities.

2010 to present Christ at the Checkpoint Conferences and other concluding thoughts

The staple of anti-Zionist, Christian, pro Palestinian thought and teaching is Bethlehem Bible College which founded a project in 2010 called Christ at the Checkpoint Conference ( CaTC). CaTC, bianually brings together a hoard of famous anti- Zionist and anti-Israel speakers, scholars and theologians from the USA , Europe and Africa biannually to demonize Israel with sophisticated versions of antisemitic theological jargon. in 2018 they hosted their first such conference in the USA.

Among the leaders of this CaTC enterprise are Stephen Sizer, an Anglican Priest and scholar and Gary Burge, a Theologian and Professor who , along with their high profile anti-Zionist Christian friends have made it a life work to undermine Israel and Israel's Christian Zionist friends.

Rev.Sizer has made a name for himself by writing books, public speaking and producing films that deeply cut into Israel's right to exist and he falsely defames fellow Christians who are friends of Israel ( Christian Zionists). Making false statements about Christian Zionists and about Israel has made Stephen Sizer quite notorious. In 2015 his high profile as an antisemite drew such negative press that his own Anglican denomination put him in a corner for a short time out . (xxi)


The reason I am writing my personal Christian perspectives about Christian Zionism is to set the record straight. Frankly, I find it difficult to comprehend how and why Christian anti- Zionists and often straightforward Christian antisemites like Stephen Sizer, Naim Ateek and their cronies can be permitted to get away with and even trade on false claims of "Biblical authenticity" when the Bible is so clear about the eternal relationship God has with Israel and the Jewish people. Perhaps their followers are simply too lazy to find out, or perhaps the urge to hate Jews is just too compelling.

For the past twenty years, I have been in research mode trying to find out how the Christian Church can have gone so far adrift. How can church leaders live so comfortably their anti-biblical doctrines and the same time profess absolute commitment to Bible "truth?" It is mystifying how untruth can provide a camouflage for truth when the truth is so readily and easily available and discernible. While I realize there is no answer to this question, I urge you, fellow travelers, to speak up in your churches as this time of great trouble is coming upon us. I fear the time is short.

Susan Warner is a Christian, a writer, a speaker and an activist for Israel and for Christian Zionism. For 12 years she and her husband, David, have led a ministry advocating for Christian Zionism, including bible studies and small groups related to topics about Israel and Christian Zionist theology. She has spent the past few years researching and writing and hoping to finally finish a book and find a publisher about the history and theology of Christian antisemitism. You can post your thoughts in the comments on this site or you can reach her at

Access some of her prior articles at the following sites:


[i] This is one of many articles dealing with antisemitism coming from both Right and Left

[ii] :







[ix] Note: I am indebted to Gerald R. McDermott (ed) for his recent book The New Christian Zionism InterVarsity Press (2016) Chapters 1 and 2 The History of Supersessionism and The History of Christian Zionism are critical and thorough explorations of their topics and will put to shame those Supersessionist and anti-Zionist theologians largely responsible for encouraging today’s rapid rise of antisemitism and anti-Zionism.


[xi] My description here does not do justice to the works of Ion Mihai Pacepa whose books Red Horizon (1987) and Disinformation (2013) provide an insider’s view of the dreadful influences of the Soviet Union on The West and Israel. Yasser Arafat in partnership with the Soviets were the drivers of the disinformation industry that controls the anti-Israel media narratives forcing themselves on an unwary public as standard fare today.

[xii] The Algemeiner’s 2nd Annual List of the Most Challenging North American Campuses for Jewish Students

[xiii] This is is just one of many articles describing and rallying for “intersectionality” and its “grievance” narrative

[xiv] Intersectionality and antisemitism

This video below from the Jewish Leadership Conference 2018. The third panelist Elliott Kaufman, a

Stanford U. alumni presents a significant talk on intersectionality on campus. Jewish Leadership Conference/ Tikvah Fund.


[xvi] Foreign Muslim Funding of Western Universities

[xvii] Brog, The End of Evangelical Support for Israel?






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