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A new film short entitled The Truth about the Muslim Brotherhood by Ami Horowitz, surprised me, I tell you! All these years, and I am no spring chicken, I was convinced, without a doubt, that Islam is a "peaceful religion." Everyone says it.

Beheading was a standard method of execution in pre-modern Islamic law. Today organizations such as ISIS and other Jihadist organizations, use beheading as a method of killing captives, circulating beheading videos for propaganda purposes. The 2002 beheading of American journalist, Daniel Pearl, was one such example.

"It is only the minority who are extremists -- the 1%, who are causing all the trouble." So goes the standard narrative.

Even former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said so. His sister in law converted to Islam ... she should know. Tony is currently the head of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change where he is the Executive Chair working hard "against extremism and for peace in the Middle East."

There are others who seem to agree: Former President Bush said it often, Barack Obama announced that "the very word itself, Islam, comes from salam — peace." Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton and her famous side-kick and Muslim Brotherhood wannabe, Huma Abedin, Linda Sarsour, the grande dame of Leftist Islam (she should know, shouldn't she?). They all say it: " "Islam is a religion of peace" and "the Muslim Brotherhood is peaceful," Even the scimitar wielding beheaders say "Islam is a religion of peace. "It is only the extremists causing all the trouble"

(to paraphrase the combined narratives). Who am I to fight City Hall?


Daniel Pipes my favorite Middle East expert, in 2005, wrote "Islam Does Not Mean "Peace"

According to another (site)

An Arabic word has only one root.  The root word for Islam is “al-Silm,” which means “submission” or “surrender.” There is no disagreement about this among Arabic or Islamic scholars. Al-Silm (submssion) does not mean the same thing as al-Salaam (peace), otherwise they would be the same word.   
Submission and peace can be very different concepts, even if a form of peace can be brought about by forcing others into submission.  As the modern-day Islamic scholar, Ibrahim Sulaiman, puts it, "Jihad is not inhumane, despite its necessary violence and bloodshed, its ultimate desire is peace which is protected and enhanced by the rule of law."
In truth, the Quran not only calls Muslims to submit to Allah, it also orders them to  subdue people of other religions until they are in a full state of submission to Islamic rule (and Sharia). 

Here insiders view of Islam, asking the question "Is Islam a Religion of Peace?"


As I may have mentioned in my prior writing, I am no fool. Folks want to know. So my first question was: "Who are these extremists that Tony Blair says are the bad guys?" It is not so easy to answer this complex question. So I consulted one of my favorite news sources, The Christian Science Monitor.

They interviewed Bridgette Gabriel who says :

"The radicals are estimated to be between 15 to 25 percent, according to all intelligence services around the world," she said... "You're looking at 180 million to 300 million people dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization," Gabriel added.

Is this figure accurate? "Not according to a Rand Corporation political scientist Angel Rebasa. While researching at 2014 book "Euro Jihad," he found that "Western European intelligence agencies estimated that less than one percent of the Muslim population living within their borders are at risk for becoming radicals. Note that this is an extrapolation of estimates gathered in Europe; Gabriel’s claim refers to a percentage of Muslims worldwide. That total number ( of Muslims worldwide) is more than 1.6 billion, according to the Pew Research Center."  According to the same CS Monitor report.

Joel Rosenberg author of numerous best selling books and films on Middle East issues cites a Gallup Poll ( 2001-2007) : “According to (the poll), 7 percent ( of total then 1.3 billion) of [Muslim] respondents think that the 9/11 attacks were ‘completely’ justified and view the United States unfavorably.” To sum up the Gallup findings Rosenberg says,

At first glance, 7 percent may seem like a relatively small number. But the implications of such results are staggering. Seven percent of 1.3 (at this writing 1.6 billion) billion Muslims equals 91 million people. It may comfort people to know that the vast majority of the world’s Muslims are peaceful people. But how comforting is it to know that 91 million Muslims are “politically radicalized”? After all, were these 91 million people to form their own country—the Islamic Republic of Radicalstan, say—they would represent the twelfth largest country on the planet, having twice the population of Spain, nearly three times the population of Canada, almost ten times the population of Sweden, and more than twelve times the population of Israel.

According to Rosenberg , Pew research (2007) updates the Muslim population to 1.6 billion and that

While this Pew study did not look at every Muslim country, the data are helpful. They corroborate the premise that the vast majority of Muslims do not support ISIS. However, they also reveal that overall, roughly 7% to 10% ( 112 -160 million) of Muslims do, in fact, have a favorable view of the violent — even genocidal — theology, strategy and tactics of the Islamic State. In some specific countries, support for ISIS is even higher than the median.


The Counter Extremism Project is one organization keeping an eye on things. They do not paint a rosy picture of the Brotherhood. And as of May 7th, according to Stratfor and other "experts" who have opinions, the Trump Administration is caught between the rock and the hard place-- torn between declaring the MB a foreign terrorist organization and inviting them to baby sit on Friday nights at the State Department. "Too many conflicts of interest with our allies" say those who claim to know. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't according to the Trump political thermometer.

In 2013, Clare M. Lopez, a strategic policy and intelligence expert, and a senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy and the Clarion Fund as well as a former a career operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, penned an article for Gatestone Institute entitled History of the Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the US Government. Among the many frightening objectives she attributes to the Brotherhood is

its declared objective to "destroy the Western civilization from within," and the extensive evidence of successful influence operations at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Well, that was then and this is now. Which brings us full circle and back to my interest in the Ami Horowitz film. What is most confusing about this short fifteen minute film is Horowitz's unmitigated chutzpah in facing off against the extremist MB advocates he interviewed. Ami is, according to latest profiles, a Modern Orthodox Jew. Unless he went to Turkey and Egypt under a false identity, his Jewishness is a public fact and might cause the scimitar wielding extremists to think of staging a beheading event for the cameras. What sensible proponent of Islamic terrorism would be willing to face interrogation by an avowed conservative, capitalist, Jewish, American? Ami Horowitz has guts, I'll say that for him, or else his subjects are naive narcissists!

The film is produced using conventional film techniques popular in most "documentary films." Horowitz's interviews are quite straightforward. He doesn't put words in his subject's mouth exactly, but there are a few places where the interviews had been artificially cut short, making one curious about the material that was excised. The film, while it has a legitimate bias, is not a blatant example of yellow journalism. For now, I would encourage you to take a look at the film. You may be surprised, or maybe not. These days it is hard not to be an Islamophobe. A friend once said, "I am not paranoid, they are trying to kill me."

by Susan Warner for Ezekiel's Junction July 25, 2019


I have included here some notes from the original article from

Steve Emerson Investigative Project on Terrorism

Article by John Rossomando July 8

The Truth about The Muslim Brotherhood by Ami Horowitz

film link

Editor's Note: Muslim Brotherhood activist Nidal Mohamed Sakr's presence in the United States was first discovered by Joe Kaufman in a 2018 Front Page Magazine article. Kaufman uncovered Sakr's work in the Muslim Brotherhood, his relationship with Osama bin Laden and Sakr's 2017 social media post threatening President Trump. Kaufman created the image showing Sakr in a suit and at what appears to be a rally that is shown in Horowitz's video.

"What I found when I sat down with them, and I've spoken with dozens of them, is that they're very open about what their plans are and what they want to do," Horowitz said.

"Horowitz has made videos and movies for the past 12 years. This film was privately financed and is available for viewing at no charge."

In the film, Sakr explained that Brotherhood operations depend on an activist's home country. In the United States, Brotherhood members work within the system. Sakr called groups on the political Left his "backers and ... defenders in political circles."

Left-wing support for the Muslim Brotherhood particularly fascinated Horowitz. He attributes it to the Left's concept of intersectionality, which says that all supposedly oppressed groups are linked and need to work together.

"At first blush, you would think that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Left would be sworn enemies with antithetical values to one another, and to a large extent that is true," Horowitz said. " ... But the value that the Left holds dearest is this notion of intersectionality.

"Therefore, the Left looks at Islam generally as being an oppressed class because they look at it through a West-centric viewpoint, and therefore, they feel they have to lift Islam up including radical Islam."

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